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In 1993 visual artist Lynne Saintonge and her husband, artist David Taiaroa, opened Joie de Vivre - contemporary art & craft in an historic building, formerly a general store located at 5702 King St in Riverside-Albert, NB. The gallery was dedicated to showing work by professional artists from the province and several other parts of the country.

From 1993 to the gallery's closing after its 15th season in 2007, Lynne and David showed work by a wide range of artists and artisans, many of whom became gallery artists and worked with Joie de Vivre for years. As gallery director Lynne also curated numerous special exhibitions. She sees the work she did at Joie de Vivre as a significant part of her work as an artist. The gallery drew a community of artists together in an exceptionally beautiful region -- designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the fall of 2007 -- and presented their work in a unique and professional setting to people from around the world.

We want to thank everyone who supported us over the years -- artists, clients and visitors. We will miss you, and hope some of you will keep in touch: [email protected]


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